Employ Ability Service West Cork

11 Bridge St
Co. Cork, Ireland

“Work Start, now EmployAbility Service West Cork, was one of the very first organisations I sought out and have continued to work with since arriving in West Cork with my family over twenty years ago. Uniquely in my experience. EmployAbility Service West Cork offers that magic combination of guidance, support, employment, and, most important of all, hope and self respect – at a time when the people it serves are most in need of all the help they can get.
I believe EmployAbility Service West Cork represents one of the pillars that justify West Cork seeing itself as, in every sense, a ‘caring community’.

Our company is Workstart West Cork Ltd., and is registered with the Companies Registration Office as company number 382864 since 2004. We are now trading as EmployAbility Service West Cork. In 2007 the company was granted Charitable Status with the Revenue Commissioners and is now a registered charity.

The Role of the board members is to ensure that the business is run in an ethical, compliant and responsible manner and that the staff deliver a service of high quality to the public. The board is responsible for the management of Human Resources, Finance, Compliance, Client Services and liaison with DSP and is now a registered charity.