Voice Capitalisation Ltd

West Cork, Ireland

Voice Capitalisation Coaching

Voice Capitalisation Coaching helps you to speak with impact. Whether your role requires you to lead, influence others, boost confidence or morale, or teach, you need a voice that works for you. While some people are naturally effective speakers, many people struggle with certain speaking situations, and find that their voice can let them down.

While there is a range of excellent communication skills training available throughout Ireland, they often do not address the voice directly, or if they do, it is not to a level that those who are struggling can make effective and lasting changes. This is where Voice Capitalisation Coaching fills the gap. I can help people to:

  • Speak clearly and energetically
  • Develop a flexible, engaging voice which meets the demands of all speaking situations.
  • Speak with a voice that transmits confidence.

I draw upon a range of skills including voice therapy, speech and language therapy, voice coaching, psychotherapy, vocal psychotherapy, body awareness, and NLP, to provide a focused service to address the unique needs of the client(s). I provide both individual consultations and bespoke training to organisations. If you are searching for Voice Coaching, or support for delivering corporate presentations please do get in touch. While I am based in West Cork, I provide services across Cork and throughout Ireland.

Other Services: Speech, Language & Voice Therapy

I also provide speech, language and voice therapy services. For further information go to: www.speechtherapycork.ie, or contact me at 087 2770752 or email speechtherapycork@gmail.com